WHAT DO WE NEED “NOOTROPICS” FOR? (Nootropics Benefits)

Nootropics – at least some of them – are definitely a powerful assistant to accomplish the highest cognitive state possible. But supplementation alone cannot produce the maximum effects to prolong longevity, enhance cognitive functioning, neurogenesis or even long-term neuroprotection.

There is a lot we can (and must) do by ourselves with a healthy lifestyle, including diet, sleep patterns and exercising, appropriate work and study techniques and last but not least, relaxation and positive mindset.

If you want to accomplish that your smart drug becomes highly efficient tool, first make sure that you are living around positive people, in enriched environment, with plenty of sleep, exercise and relaxation.



Nootropics allow users greater control over their states, moods, and cognitive abilities. In the same way as the caffeine in a morning coffee can wake you up and ready you for the day, nootropics can be used for a range of functional benefits.

  • Productivity: Useful for their productivity and motivational effects, nootropics provide a boost for getting essential tasks done. Ideal for high-pressure cognitive work such as studying, essays and exams.
  • Social Ability: Additionally, some users take nootropics for a boost in social ability, including benefits to confidence, extroversion and verbal fluidity. Ideal for public speaking, presentations and parties.
  • Efficient Exercising: More recently, nootropics have begun to be included in pre-workout mixes to ensure that exercise can be carried out with an iron will. When your motivation needs an extra edge, nootropics can help.


  • Memory – We could all use a better memory, but in some cases, it is more important than others.
  • Focus – Caffeine is the most well-known nootropic that improves focus, but there are a range of others that provide focus with a sense of clarity as well.
  • Caffeine can be paired with a compound called L-theanine to improve focus further.
  • Mood Enhancer – Enhancing your mood can be a conduit to more energy, confidence and greater cognitive abilities. Some nootropics that enhance mood do so by increasing brain chemicals that lead to happiness while others reduce anxiety.
  • Anti-Fatigue – College students, entrepreneurs and Wall Street executives know about long nights and restless work weeks.
  • Reasoning and Creativity – Influencing creativity and reasoning skills is important for artists and those looking for creative solutions to common problems. Iodine, creatine and nicotine can actually be great creativity enhancing nootropics. It makes a person more articulate and improves the persons confidence and ability to socialize


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