Ashwagandha is one of the most popular and effective Ayurvedic medicines in the world right now. It is used internationally for treating millennia in the form of a tonic and rejuvenator. Recent scientific research has proven its effectiveness as an anti-stress agent and brain protectant, which has made it an essential component of various nootropic stacks recently.


The origin of this miraculous anti-stress product lies in native India and northern Africa, where it has been used for centuries by the  local residents. Ashwagandha is a Sanskrit word which is an ancient Indian language and it is translated as “smell of a horse”. The translation refers to the odor and the effectiveness of the medicine which was considered as a cure to stallion-like vigor by ancient practitioners.



This Ayurvedic medicine has been used to cure a huge number of problems which range from constipation to snake poison, but the most popular use has been to extend and increase the sexual function and help the patients to enjoy extended sex time. This specific tonic is also known as Indian ginseng, but in reality, both the plants are different to each other.


There is a lot of research going on about this particular plant which has resulted in the indication that it is really an effective supplement to protect and improve the cognitive function along with the general well-being.

  • Reduce Anxiety and Depression

Ashwagandha is known nowadays as a cure for stress and anxiety. It has also been used traditionally to build strength and that is the reason why it can also be used as immune system protectant. It lowers the level of stress hormone and cortisol in the entire human body. A 60-day usage of this traditional Indian medicine resulted in the reduction of serum cortisol levels among patients with chronic anxiety.

  • Cognition Enhancing Effects

There are very few studies indicating that this plant can be used in order to enhance memory and cognitive abilities but it is a common knowledge that anxiety and stress damage these abilities extensively. Stress reduction effect of this medicine is what makes it beneficial for human memory as well as overall health.

  • Treatment for Various Health Issues

A number of health disorders can be treated with the help of this magical plant:

– Arthritis: A study in 2015 revealed that more than 100 patients who used this medical component observed the reduction in arthritic symptoms, pain, mobility problems and swollen joints.

-Alzheimer Disease: A study at the University of Newcastle showed that this component can be used in order to reduce the effects of Alzheimer disease but still it has not been tested on any patient.

-Weight Management: The use of 300mg of the component on daily basis proved to lower the stress and food craving during a study conducted on 52 patients.

-Improved Muscle Strength: According to a study the daily usage of 300mg to 1250 mg of this medical product can help improve the muscle strength.

-Male Sexual Dysfunction and Infertility: A study conducted on 46 male participants with low sperm count gave an amazing result. The daily usage of 675 mg increased the sperm count of the participants by 167%, semen value by 535 and sperm motility by 57%.

-Chemotherapy-induced Fatigue: Ashwagandha has also proven to be helpful for breast cancer patients in a study involving more than 100 patients. It relieved the stress suffered by the patients after chemotherapy which makes it a really helpful adjunct therapy.

Rejuvenation and Overall Health Improvement: This particular medical component contains anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and rejuvenating properties which exhibit a positive impact on the central nervous system.


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