Are Nootropics safe? Most people mean by “safe” a drug that has no side effects! Well, all drugs have some kind of side effects and people react to those effects very differently. All Nootropics manufacturers claim their products are safe but almost none of them is FDA Approved!

Safety simply means “the benefits are greater that the possible danger”! And we always strongly recommend to check with your doctor first before you decide taking any nootropics.

Generally speaking, Nootropics are a class of supplements and nutraceuticals known for boosting memory, focus and brainpower.



Many people who are interested in using cognitive enhancers are worried about the potential for nootropic side effects to develop. In fact, the founder of this family of compounds Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea’s original criteria for nootropics state that they must actually protect and promote brain health. For this reason, many “Smart Drugs” like Adderall and Ritalin would not measure up as nootropic drugs.

Unfortunately, supplement companies are not required to support the claims they make and that although taking uppers and downers is not new, even when individual supplements have been studied, we don’t know the cocktail effect.



Taking “smart drugs” with no sufficient knowledge might be dangerous and that’s why we always suggest to sit down and talk to your physician first before start popping those pills